About Tarasha

We are a design-centric company.

Inspired by the great repository of heritage around us, we create products in the domain of design + art.

The word 'tarasha' in Urdu means 'finely chiselled'. It aptly describes our creative process and care for detail. 


Every Tarasha product is designed around chosen aspects of history, architecture, craft/culture or our natural habitat, to create singular products that are immersed in meaning. 


We delight in contrasts - our minimalist approach, combined with the depth of detail in traditional culture and architecture, gives our products an unmistakable edge and energy.

Our headquarters are in Ahmedabad - India's first UNESCO World Heritage City. Fuelled by the spirit of enterprise in the city’s people, we blend culture, technology and human ingenuity into original products.

We are constantly inspired by the inherent beauty of what surrounds us – quiet heritage, untold legacies.

We return these gifts of inspiration through our work, which celebrates our shared diversity.