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Tarasha Calendars offer you a unique visual and interactive experience throughout the year, through their story-telling themes of our cultural and natural heritage.



The Sacred Garden

At the heart of many cultures, there exists a timeless archetype—the Sacred Garden. It is a cherished realm where the earthly and the divine converge. The Sacred Garden is a testament to the reverence humans hold for the natural world and the spiritual connections woven within its lush tapestry.

The Circle of Life

The Circle of Life calendar is based on ideas of change, renewal and hope.

Based on the 'cycle of change' that is part of nature, the calendar takes you from a stark landscape at night to a bright and sunny day, full of life and celebration.

The 13-page calendar is a metaphor for hope and the promise that the future holds.


The Tree of Life

In many cultures, the ‘Tree of Life’ represents an all-giving symbol of abundance. The Tree of Life calendar is a celebration of this idea. 


Through the year, the tree transforms - becoming more lush with each passing month. Leaves, flowers, fruit, birds and animals, come together to share in the riches of nature.

The Enchanted Forest

In many cultures, old folktales describe
forests as deep and mysterious places
filled with enchantments.
In truth, the forest is a place full of life, as mysterious and magical today, as it may have appeared to ancient storytellers.
We wish you a year filled with such earthly enchantments!


Palanpur House

Journey through the architectural heritage of a traditional house in Palanpur, North Gujarat. As you progress through the year, each passing month reveals the intricate details of the architecture of the house.

Experience the fine and intricate details of this interactive 13-page calendar as it transforms with every flip of a page. 

Wonders of the Ocean

The 'Wonders of the Ocean' calendar is inspired by the mysterious depths of the world's magnificent oceans.
It showcases the vibrant lifeforms that inhabit the seas below their shimmering surface and brings you a small glimpse of the many wonders of the ocean.

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