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What We Do

At Tarasha, we channel our background in architecture and design into exquisitely detailed artwork and products that are unique and timeless.

We offer design and production services and offer a range of products in the areas of art, installations, event stationery, corporate gifts, calendars, and customised products.


We create magic with materials!


Well, paper mostly. But we don't shy away from a host of other materials like wood, metal, plastics and even leather and fabric. The result is always artwork and products like you’ve never seen before!

 Artwork and Installations

We work seamlessly with architects and interior designers to create meaningful and high-quality artwork and installations for your projects that will align perfectly with your concepts and project vision.


We also work with individual clients looking for something special to brighten up and make their home, business or office stand apart.



We love the spontaneity and energy of big events!


We create one-of-a-kind invitations and event stationery that will ensure your guests stand up and take notice of your special day. Be it a wedding, a corporate event or a private celebration, our invitations will make your event unforgettable!          



Are you looking for artwork for your home or office? Or looking for creative gifts during the festive season? Check out the Tarasha Shop for some great options and ideas from our extensive collections of beautiful products.

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