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Tucked away in a charming alley, Polkholi Cafe at Mangaldas ni Haveli II serves an eclectic menu of Gujarati snacks and beverages.

Tarasha Designworks conceptualised and designed the restaurant identity based on its playful name, polkholi, which could mean both, the opening to a pol (a traditional cluster of houses in Ahmedabad's old quarter) or the revelation of one's secrets. The parrot, a commonly sighted bird in pols, is also typically characterised as a mischievous teller of secrets in Indian tales. 


We also ​designed and created animal-based signage for all rooms and suites. All hotel rooms were represented by an animal rather than a room number, in continuity with the animal themes in the room artwork. 


A Heritage Boutique Hotel

Ahmedabad - INDIA

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